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Let's start with the bare metal!

Hosting Consultation

Oh, where to put your ERP?

We provide Customizable Hosting Solutions for companies of all sizes. 

From a fun little toybox to facilitate your first steps into the world of Odoo... massive eCommerce Churning Chonkers - beasts among servers.

But for the very ambitious, AWS & Azure Cloud Solutions might be the way!

Hit us up and let's find out together!

What's next?

Odoo Training &
Business Process Consultation

How to ERP with Odoo!

Odoo offers tried and true Industry Standard Business Processes - but some help to get started is never wrong. Let's bring Odoo and your individual Process together! 

Dig through the endless settings, configurations and addons available in and for Odoo!

Do you want to really bend Odoo to your will? It's what we do best.

Odoo Customization

Your ERP doing what YOU do best.

Do you feel constraints by the rules and norms of the industry?

Do you want to do things differently but struggle to realize it through settings alone?

You've come to the right place. At HMG we customize Odoo to your very own needs.
Heck! We'll even code completely Custom Odoo Apps from scratch for you!

It's OK to be different with HMG.

And if you just cannot let go of your old ERP or other (legacy) systems, we find a way.

Odoo System Integration

It's all about open and honest communication.

At HMG we like to talk - JSON, XML, base64 - you name it.

Let's talk REST, RPC, Webhooks... We'll even phone your spouse if it is part of your Business Process!

But don't trust, verify! That's why at HMG we are strong proponents for Automated Testing to enable fast debugging and easy reproducability

We integrate your existing systems with Odoo, from start to finish, and together with our hosting packages ensure seamless operation.